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If you're stuck staring at a blank screen, Writally helps you break through writer's block, so you can create original, compelling blog content in half the time.

Writally blog post recipes are step-by-step frameworks customised to your topics. Our innovative recipes take the guesswork and time-wasting out of the writing process, so you can get your best content done quickly, easily and inexpensively.

You still write your content. Writally simply provides a unique structure for every post.

"Even when you're a writer, it's really tiring coming up with ideas and frameworks for blog posts. I love Cas's service and the way it's prevented me from ever having to sit down and stare at a blank page ever again!”

Kelly Exeter, Founder Swish Design and Graphics and Editor Flying Solo

How Writally Recipes Can Help You!

  • Save Time

    How many hours of productivity are lost because you struggle with how to start writing a letter, press release, email or blog post? When you have a blog post recipe to guide your writing, you don’t have to think about the structure. You can just focus on the thoughts you want to convey.

  • Save Money

    If you save time, you save money. Writally can also save you money if you have a VA or writer working for you, because the recipes also cut down the time it takes for them to work on your blog posts.

  • Be Part of an Accountability Community

    All Writally subscribers can join a dedicated Slack group to ask questions, gain support and share their blog posts! Subscribers are also entitled to discounts to our blog-hackathon events.

  • Headline, Backlink and Promotional Suggestions

    The hand-crafted Writally recipes include headline, backlink and promotional suggestions, saving you time and research, and helping you get optimal mileage out of each and every blog post you share.

  • Develop Your Writing Skills

    Writally recipes help you become a better writer, because when you have a clear structure you can clearly see how different story elements work. You have guidance on how to write your post and can learn from each one you create.

  • Never be Stuck for Ideas Again

    Writally recipes currently come in over 80 different styles, and everyday we’re creating new variations so you need never be stuck for blog post ideas. In fact, we can literally create thousands of post style variations thanks to the unique way we combine story elements with your topics.

  • We Share Your Blog Posts Too!

    We love to share your finished blog posts and showcase your work with our audience. Please send your finished posts to us!

  • Customised to Your Industry and Topic

    Each Writally recipe is customised to your topic. Not to be confused with generic templates, our story frameworks are completely unique and dependent on post type, location, topic, length and many other factors.

How It Works

  • Choose A Recipe Package

    Choose from 1, 5 or 10 recipes a month. You can use and reuse your recipes as many times as you like. If you have more than one business, you can send us recipe requests for different niches and topics as well. If you’re a marketer, you may use your subscription for your clients’ topics. You are free to cancel or change your subscription at any time.

  • Complete The Recipe Request Questionnaire

    This is where you tell us about the post you want to write: how long, what type of post, how you want the reader to react etc. This part takes approx 2 to 3 minutes…Sure beats staring at a blank screen for an hour!

  • Look Out for Your Recipe in Your Inbox

    Within 2 business days of receiving a request we send your custom blog post recipe to you via email. Download and use the recipe as a guide for writing each section of your blog post. Then upload your blog post, add images and you’re done!

"I love it!  This is going to be so helpful to me. It really is fantastic.  I think you have a great product here that is going to help a lot of people become better writers and will, at the very least, get them past staring at a blank screen.”

Susan Pannozzo from

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I do recipe requests for multiple businesses

    Yes! Absolutely! In the hand-crafted version of Writally, you can make a request for different industries and topics. If you’re a marketer, this is particularly helpful! You can cut down the time it takes to write your clients’ posts and use the recipes to get everyone onto the same page before you even write the post.

  • Will my posts look like everyone else's?

    No! Writally simply provides a structure and guide for your posts. It doesn’t write your posts for you. Even if we used the same recipe for two similar businesses, what you’d write would be completely unique, because you are creating the content.

  • Are the recipes formulaic?

    We have studied the best blogs in the world and come up with over 80 different post types and 60 storytelling elements that can be used in multiple combinations. We’ve tested our frameworks on the most complex blog posts in the world to see if they work in every instance and so far they have. Some recipes will be similar, depending on your preferences, but as they’re for different topics, the posts won’t be. You can also mix up your post styles by choosing different types of posts to write: ie. a personal story or an instructional post. Not every blog post has to be a listicle and we’d encourage you to use different blog types with every post.

  • Can I request recipes for media releases, emails and social media posts?

    Yes! You can request recipes for any type of story that is 2000 words or less. Just bear in mind that Writally is geared towards business content and not fictional books or essays. You can currently select media releases from the blog post type menu in the recipe request form.

  • What will the Writally app do?

    The Writally app will turn what is currently a manual process into an automated one. In February 2016, I pitched my idea to turn Writally into a web-based application at the Bluechilli/CCIQ small business solutions competition. As a result, my idea won $75K in seed funding to develop the MVP (minimum viable product). We are working hard on getting version 1 of the Writally app to market in the next few months.

  • What if I'm not a confident writer?

    Writally is perfect for business bloggers who are still honing their skills, because not only do the recipes give you a clear storytelling framework but they also teach you how to become a better writer. There are some amazing courses and programs that can help you hone your skills as well. Cas’s Brilliant Content Blueprint course has an entire module on writing and grammar.

  • Can I bank recipes for another month if I don't use them all?

    No! Writally recipes work on a use-it-or-lose-it system. You can’t bank recipe requests, but you can change your subscription to one a month or 5 a month if you’re on a higher subscription plan and you’re not using your recipe allocation.

  • Can I easily keep track of the recipes that have been created?

    When the web app is built, all users will have a dashboard where they can see what recipes have been created. While we’re still creating handcrafted recipes, we are setting up a project board for every subscriber so we can track your recipe usage each month and so you can keep tabs on what topics you’ve requested recipes for.

  • Can I request editing and review of my finished blog post?

    Yes! You can purchase an editing and review package if you want feedback on your blog post. While we’re still getting that side of the service set up, simply contact Cas at hello [at]

  • I'm a professional writer. How can I use Writally?

    Writally recipes are helpful for professional writers too! You can subscribe for your own posts or subscribe to cut down on the time it takes to write your clients’ posts. If you want to be considered for our freelance editing and review team, please contact Cas at hello [at]

  • Who's behind Writally?

    Cas McCullough is a content marketing strategist with over 25 years experience in marketing and communications. She’s an Amazon bestselling author, a podcaster, and you may have seen her writing in some of the world’s leading business blogs, including Social Media Examiner, Herbusiness, Content Marketing Institute, and Startup Smart. She is backed by the team at the BlueChilli startup accelerator and the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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