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The June Challenge Begins on ​June 10, 2019


What is The Great Blog Challenge?

Every month, we provide you with a theme, writing prompts and some motivation to inspire you to create authentic, engaging blog content that grows your personal brand.

If you win the monthly challenge, you're featured on Writally's blog, you're showered with recognition and praise, and you win a prize!

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Why Join 

enter the great blog challenge

Compete for monthly prizes

Each monthly competition is only open to Challenge participants who use the competition hashtags.

win blog competitions

Enter The Great Blog Awards

Be recognised for your blogging talent! Vie for the title of Writally Blogger of the Year.

get noticed for your blogging

Get noticed by big brands

The more you create engaging content, the more likely you'll get noticed by bigger brands. Who knows where that could lead?

blog post recipe

1 themed Writally blog post recipe each month

A customised blog post recipe for every challenge so you can write fast and with ease.

be in the spotlight for blogging

Be promoted by Writally and our partners

We want to showcase your awesomeness. Each month we'll feature and share your content on our blog and social media channels!

get support from blogging community

Tap into a talented global blogging community

Stay accountable, collaborate with other bloggers, support and be supported in return. Everybody wins.

get inspiration for your blogging ideas

Spark your creativity with each challenge theme

We inspire you with unique challenge themes that get your creative juices flowing.

get feedback on your blogging

Get feedback and learn how to write powerful blog content

Improve your writing with each blog challenge, and get feedback from the challenge community.

Ready to create?

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I've been a part of the Great Blog Challenge since its inception. As a content creator, I write for clients or for business purposes regularly but I found that I could never find the time to write for myself, in my own voice, to my own crowd. I joined the challenge to make this easier. I've found that the excuses ("can't find the time" in my case) have melted away and I've been writing on my personal blog more frequently because of the challenge. A whole range of people have reached out to talk to me about the pieces. I definitely recommend getting involved in the Great Blog Challenge.

blog workshops

Rosie Odsey

Freelance Marketing Consultant | Winner of the Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 Challenges

I joined the Writally Monthly Blog Challenge as a challenge to myself to produce online content on a regular basis for my social platforms and online business. In doing so I have been able to progress my writing and content production in a positive and encouraging environment. The benefit of the platform is in the support through Content Recipes, and the community encouragement that you are afforded. You can rest easy as you grow and develop your content with in-depth guides, and assistance from the Writally group. A FANTASTIC platform for anyone who is looking to bust into the digital content creation scene.

Matt Hurley

Matt Hurley

Senior Exercise Physiologist at BFiTT | Winner of the November 2018 Challenge.

We used Writally to assist with our equity crowdfunding campaign (which is only half way through as I write) and it has helped us to share our different value propositions to potential investors across a number of social media channels, newsletters and our website. 

emma-kate rose testimonial

Emma-Kate Rose

Food Connect Foundation

I've had great traction using Writally recipes. Check it out here for the proof in the pudding

brad vinning testimonial

Brad Vinning

ClarkeKann Lawyers

I tend to procrastinate writing new posts. I love the blog hackathons because they enable me to get a post done in one sitting with only an hour set aside.

james rose testimonial

James Rose

Content Snare

Creating thought-leading content is essential for any tech company and it's not a task I can just hand over to someone else as it has to showcase our expertise and knowledge. As each recipe is completely unique, I will be able to create a wide variety of engaging content.

Katrina Donaghy_Headshot_No2sq

Katrina Donaghy

Civic Ledger

The Writally workshop is a must attend for any scientist attempting to communicate their science to a wider community. This workshop presents simple, yet effective, tools, which I preach in every written piece I now produce. It's also greatly improved my writing skills and has reignited the passion I once had for creative writing.


Jake Clarke

University of Southern Queensland

Writally has given me new energy for blogging and connecting with people through communication. I approach communication with a real clarity which I didn't have before. 


Nancy Entwistle

Brisbane City Council

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