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Thought-leading content workshop

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Get known

Learn how to write your way to career success and how to cause yourself as an industry leader through publicity, guest posts and podcast interviews. Gain recognition for your achievements and open doors to new career opportunities.

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Build confidence

Be empowered, confident and excited about creating blog posts, podcasts, videos and more. Transform your mental blocks and tune in to your value as an expert in your field so you can create authentic content your audience cares about. 

Write clearly and persuasively

Discover how to create powerful, well-written content. Walk away with newfound writing skills, including the ability to edit ruthlessly and communicate to different audiences succinctly and clearly.

Employees and experts have deep domain expertise that marketers simply cannot replicate and they want to contribute. Studies show that when employee advocacy programs are in place, brands enjoy more engagement and higher ROI from their content marketing. 

People trust industry experts, academics and skilled employees


The Writally workshop presented by Caroline McCullough is a must attend for any scientist attempting to communicate their science to a wider community. This workshop presents simple, yet effective, tools, which I preach in every written piece I now produce. It's also greatly improved my writing skills and has reignited the passion I once had for creative writing.

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Jake Clarke

PhD student, University of Southern Queensland

Caroline has given me new energy for blogging and connecting with people through communication. I approach communication with a real clarity which I didn't have before. Caroline is very transparent in sharing the ideas which underpin her content marketing approach and role models and encourages me and the whole Writally community to try new things. The special quality about Writally is actually not the awesome blog structures you get, it is the window that you open into the world of Caroline McCullough!


Nancy Entwistle

Risk Management & Business Improvement Coordinator at Brisbane City Council

About me

I am a multi-award-winning copywriter, content strategist, co-founder of #wityayl, founder of Writally and a digital marketer with more than 25 years experience in marketing and communications. 

I'm the Amazon bestselling author of Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, Entrepreneurship and Making the Leap, Magnetic Marketing and my upcoming book Possible.

My work has been internationally-recognised in the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Entrepreneurship Grant 2019, the Content Marketing Awards, the Marketing Profs Brightbulb Awards and Social Media Examiner’s Top Blog competition in which I placed in the top 24 social media blogs in the world.


I've been published in Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute, and Mark Schaefer’s blog “Grow”. I'm a Bluechilli and Walkleys Foundation alumnus, the Suncorp Small Business Challenges competition winner, an Anthill Smart 100 award winner, and a finalist in the Women in Technology awards two years running. I've also written for Mamamia, Startup Smart, Smart Company and been featured in Problogger, Product Hunt, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, Startup Daily, Brisbane Times and The Age.


An unconventional, big-picture thinker, I am highly-skilled at guiding you through the writing journey and am committed to writing content that gets bottom-line results having done so for organisations like Woodfordia Inc (Woodford Folk Festival), Food Connect Shed Ltd, and Flying Arts Alliance. 

When it comes to writing and empowering others to write, I draw upon my world's first training and mentoring methodologies that will enable you to break through any creative barrier so you can fully express yourself as a writer and thought leader.


Who would benefit from attending?

If you want to build your personal brand or your team's capacity to write, this is for you. In the past, attendees have included CEOs, industry experts, academics, authors, artists, marketers and more.


Where can workshops be held?

Anywhere there is decent wifi and good coffee. At least two weeks notice is preferred. 

Are the workshops tailored to my business?

Workshops are tailored to your audience and business goals.


Half-day workshops are priced at $250 per person. The minimum is 5 participants or $1250. The fees include local travel (Brisbane). Venue hire, catering, interstate and overseas travel and accommodation are extras.

How many people can attend?

I generally cap numbers at 25.

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