Why Map My Content

With Map My Content, workshop a year's worth of powerful blog post ideas in a 2 hour one-on-one workshop and we'll deliver 50 Writally blog post recipes tailored to your post types (highly-customised blog post templates) so you can create authority blog content.

Create Powerful Content that Gets Noticed

Stop adding to the noise and create stand-out, thought-leading blog content that is effective in raising your profile. Our users consistently report that Writally helps them achieve up to 200% increased engagement on their blog posts.

Earn More Revenue

Founder Cas McCullough's proven methodology for topic ideation has helped organisations and businesses grow highly-targeted audiences and earn revenue from their content. Her methodology has been featured in the top digital marketing blogs in the world including Social Media Examiner, HerBusiness, Startup Smart,  and Bluewire Media.

Save Hours on Content Creation

Save countless hours on stewing over what to write about or how to write a blog post. At Writally we support you, the deep domain expert, to create stories that matter to your audience.  Once you have ideated your topics in the workshop, simply download and follow your blog post recipes for each topic.

Katrina Donaghy

Civic Ledger

Creating thought-leading content is essential for any tech company and it's not a task I can just hand over to someone else as it has to showcase our expertise and knowledge. I engaged Writally to assist with ideating topics and creating blog post recipes for a year's worth of blog posts. This process has saved me a massive amount of time, and as each recipe is completely unique, I will be able to create a wide variety of engaging content. The process of working with Writally has been smooth and they have curated recipes which are a great fit for our company. I can't wait to start using the blog post recipes each week!

How It Works


Blog Post Ideation Workshop

In this 2 hour one-on-one workshop we brainstorm content ideas based on your ideal reader, their communication style and platform preferences. By the end of the workshop, you walk away with a list of at least 50 workable ideas for creating thought-leading blog posts. We then create a publishing timeline for you and work with you to establish the ideal order of each post. This workshop is perfect for you if you already have a good idea of your target market.

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We create 50 TAILORED blog post recipes based on your topics

The Writally team will create 50 blog post recipes for each of your topics and deliver them to your Writally dashboard. As each post recipe is created, we update the project management timeline so you know what has been completed, at a glance.


you write & publish your blog posts in half the time

Each week, download your blog post recipe and use it as a guide to create your next thought-leading, ground-breaking blog post! You can also use the recipes for lead magnets, newsletters and social media content! You can even use them to help you write a book!

researcher blogging

Jake Clarke

USQ - PHD Student

The Writally workshop presented by Cas McCullough is a must attend for any scientist attempting to communicate their science to a wider community. This workshop presents simple, yet effective, tools, which I preach in every written piece I now produce. It's also greatly improved my writing skills and has reignited the passion I once had for creative writing. (Jake now contributes to popular science blog The Conversation).

kevin gammie testimonial

Kevin Gammie

The Growth Mentor

My new product was a direct result of the first recipe received back from Writally. Within 30 days, that product billed $7,896 and as a result I’m in the process of automating much of the follow-through. I’m expecting that, from here on, this would be the lower side of a typical month's billings.

BONUS: And For Moments of Spontaneous Blogging...

Each Writally Map My Content Client Gets Access to 15 Bonus "Wildcard" Writally Recipe Credits

Sometimes you need to seize the moment when a topical issue arises in the news or amongst your community. You can create those spontaneous blog posts with your bonus credits using the Writally Content Recipe Creation platform. Simply sign in to your Writally account and request your new blog post recipes when you need them. Ad hoc recipes will be turned around in 24 hours.


What is the turnaround time?

Highly-skilled humans create your blog post recipes. Please allow 5 business days
for us to create and deliver them to your dashboard.

Does Writally create the blog posts?

We support you, the expert, to create your own blog posts, as evidence shows that content created by experts is more engaging, and more authoritative.

What if I have more than one ideal reader?

This package is designed for one ideal reader type. However, if your needs are more complex, simply let us know and we can work something out!

What if I don't know who my target audience is?

This workshop is perfect for you if you are fairly clear on who you're targeting. If you aren't, then contact us anyway, as we offer a more comprehensive workshop where we spend a lot of time ideating and researching your ideal readers.

Does Writally offer a referral fee to marketers?

Yes! Please contact us for details.


  • 2 hour Ideation workshop conducted either in-person or online
  • 50 tailored blog post recipes
  • Content Calendar timeline
  • 15 bonus "wildcard" content recipe credits on the Writally app
  • Client Slack group for support

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